Noise control Blow off Silencers

Blow off silencers

Blow-down of highly compressed vapor or gas into the open air sets kinetic energy free in the form of high amplitude pressure fluctuations. The result is an extremely high sound pressure level which must be reduced. Such emission can very effectively be limited with blow-off silencers. The effective noise reduction from our blow-down silencers is due to a throttle system directly behind the silencer’s inlet duct and an absorption system consisting of splitters. The throttle system is placed in a radial multi-stage expansion unit. The number and size of the throttle sections depends upon the level of the inlet pressure and the acoustic requirements. The gaseous medium flows radially through the throttle sections, each section forming an expansion stage. The high inlet pressure is reduced to approximately atmospheric pressure. Depending on the size of the splitters, 70 dB reductions of sound pressure levels can be attained. National and international standards are applied in the design of the silencers and their corresponding pressure bearing segments. The selection of materials used for the construction of a silencer depends on the temperatures and pressures it is subjected to.

To enable us to give you a quotation for a blow-down silencer, please provide us with as much of the following data as possible:

  • Steam or gas flow rate,
  • Temperature and pressure in front of the valve and the silencer, respectively,
  • Inlet pipe diameter
  • Permitted sound pressure level at the point of measurement or the allowable sound power level of the silencer.